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Religion and Spirituality (Human Behavior and Culture in the Sociological Interpretation)

Religion in the frame is a symbol of cultural necessity. An undeniable fact that the process of syncretism between cultures and religions sometimes give birth to a trust model that becomes the value of life support systems. This provides clarity about human existence in relation to the natural surroundings as well about how relationships form among his best man himself and man's relationship with the natural surroundings as well as the existence as the Most High.
Religion and faith are two things that become embedded in human beings. Very private, hidden and sometimes overwhelmed by the things mythological nuances. Quality of one's ethos is strongly determined by the values inherent-belief in values himself, which, in the language of religion, is referred to as aqidah. People even willing to risk his life for the thing they believe as the truth.
JP Williams said that at least there are four levels of religious, namely: 
(1) Secret Level, ie a person holding a teaching of rel…