Religion and Spirituality (Human Behavior and Culture in the Sociological Interpretation)

Religion in the frame is a symbol of cultural necessity. An undeniable fact that the process of syncretism between cultures and religions sometimes give birth to a trust model that becomes the value of life support systems. This provides clarity about human existence in relation to the natural surroundings as well about how relationships form among his best man himself and man's relationship with the natural surroundings as well as the existence as the Most High.

Religion and faith are two things that become embedded in human beings. Very private, hidden and sometimes overwhelmed by the things mythological nuances. Quality of one's ethos is strongly determined by the values inherent-belief in values himself, which, in the language of religion, is referred to as aqidah. People even willing to risk his life for the thing they believe as the truth.

JP Williams said that at least there are four levels of religious, namely: 

(1) Secret Level, ie a person holding a teaching of religion and he believed it was for himself and not to be discussed with or revealed to others; 

(2) Level of Private or Personal, that he discussed with, or add and spread the knowledge and faith, from and for certain people who categorized private personally of very close relationship with him, 

(3) Rate Denomination of religious beliefs that individuals have the same with owned by other individuals in a large group and, therefore, are not something secret or private; 

(4) Community level, ie individuals have the same religious beliefs with the religious beliefs of those citizens.

Furthermore, according to Williams, the most important thing is that religion is a matter of individual private or personal nature, which is filled with loads of emotions and feelings and thoughts about the man and his world (Unseen and the Visible) which is the belief or personal, but also is thought thoughts and emotions and feelings of the group or community is manifest in a variety of action and symptom of religious groups or communities.

In relation to the trust, a man can not live without mythology or an explanation of the natural system and an explanation of life and the truth is unquestionable. Thus, in order, will produce a mythology belief system, belief system will generate a value of system, and then, own value system that will give people clarity about what is good and evil (ethical), and underlies all its activities in creating civilization.

Basically, humans have an instinct to believe in God, and worship Him, although based on their respective backgrounds are different, then religion becomes diverse base of departure even though the same, ie believing in the Almighty God. This diversity becomes more apparent due to man's own efforts to make his religion become more functional in daily life, by linking them with the symptoms of the real and existing in the vicinity. Thus grew the legend and the myths that all institutions that are supporting human natural belief in God and the functionalization of trust in society.


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