A Year of Love

The primary love stone is rose quartz. When we love ourselves it's amazing how much love we will receive from others. When we don't it's astonishing how little the love of others makes an impact.

Rose quartz helps to remove the energetic blockages in the heart chakra which keep us from truly loving ourselves, and also nurtures and replenishes our sense of self-love.

While rose quartz prepares the ground for the expression of love in the outer world, pink tourmaline activates that expression. This crystal also helps us to review and release past experiences when our attempts to love others seemed to fail. Its message is, "It's safe to love."

An often-unrecognized aspect of love is patience. Rhodonite, while good for any situation which threatens one's patience, is especially helpful for the day-to-day annoyances which two people who live together often face. When the first bloom of romance fades, and one is left facing the reality that their dearly beloved partner leaves a trail of crumbs wherever (s)he goes, or whistles all the time, rhodonite can be helpful.


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